A sweeping take on the new way of working

With a complete rebrand, product overhaul and platform launch across 180 counties, the world’s largest freelancing platform reframed work as a better way to work and a catalyst for a better life.

Freelancing Is Changing Work

— The New York Times, Hayden Brown, CEO Upwork
Twenty years since its launch, Upwork was looking like a dated software company for gap-filling freelance gigs.

Overhauling its image would require a top-to-bottom approach. The task was to relaunch the company—which posts 8,000 jobs a day, serving 5 million employers and 18 million freelancers—as a new industry category entirely: “The World’s Work Marketplace,” a tool as vital and revolutionary as Uber, AirBnB and Amazon.

  • A complete rebrand and product overhaul.
  • A complete rebrand and product overhaul.
  • A complete rebrand and product overhaul.
“Up We Go” became the rallying cry for an optimistic and dynamic future of work—one powered by independent freelance talent.

To complement its new role, a total brand and product overhaul painted a picture of Upwork as a catalyst for a better life and a better world, altering people’s perception of the brand. A global campaign brought to life Upwork’s grand vision of independent talent at the heart of every business.

Up We Go - Film

For 180 seconds, viewers share an exhilarating quest, and perhaps imagine themselves breaking out of their own comfort zones to explore new horizons.

— Muse by Clio
A poignant film offers an inspiring take on a new way of working

The film told a story about freelance talent and companies taking a leap to create better businesses, better careers and better lives. The campaign also included :60, :30 and :15 insightful spots that spoke to both talent and businesses in search of talent, and was released in concert with outdoor, podcast/radio, digital and social assets.

A new product and brand charts a course for the future

In parallel, we embarked on a total brand and product overhaul that included a redesigned product and app experience, refreshed logo, new font and color scheme and a library of 200 icons, 120 images and 40 illustrations.

Upwork Rebrands as the Future of Work
— Campaign US
Our strongest sales quarter ever and 27% year-over-year growth in active clients
— Hayden Brown, CEO Upwork
  • 67% increase in brand’s share of voice
  • 23% increase in brand awareness from pre-pandemic levels
  • 23% lift in freelancer registrations on Upwork
  • 22% increase in people searching for Upwork