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Malkovich inspires 130 million people to “Get your domain before it’s gone.”

John Malkovich is no stranger to an identity crisis. This time, as Malkovich prepares to make the move from Oscar-winning actor to fledgling fashion designer, he quickly realizes he’s got a big problem.

How the f**k can you be John Malkovich?!

— John Malkovich (Super Bowl Pre-kickoff Film)

Is this a meta joke from one of Hollywood’s most clever shape-shifters? Yes and no.

— The New York Times

"Television viewers of this year’s Super Bowl may notice something unusual amid the usual onslaught of macho-themed commercials for beer, snack chips and pickup trucks. In a Super Bowl campaign, the actor-turned-fashion-designer John Malkovich discovers that the web domain is controlled by another John Malkovich." — The New York Times

Get out of my name!
— John Malkovich
... another John Malkovich—this one a fisherman behind the ‘ULTIMATE Fishing Site!!’
— The New York Times (Super Bowl Halftime Film)

But I’m him. There is a film about me being me.

— John Malkovich
"I’m just going to call the guy."

During Super Bowl halftime, the world got to enjoy John Malkovich calling the other John Malkovich, asking for his domain back. appeared on the world's biggest stage. encouraged people to register their domain name with Squarespace before it got scooped up by someone else. It amplified Squarespace's global "Make Your next Move" campaign that launched John Malkovich’s real fashion business.

  • Sold-out Fashion Week collection by John Malkovich
  • Biggest revenue month in Squarespace’s history
  • Most traffic to in 12 years
  • 3.15 billion media impressions
  • Brand Strategy
  • Global Creative Platform
  • Super Bowl Campaign
  • Global Q4 and Q1 Campaign
  • Production: Film, Digital and Print