Rap legend Lil Wayne keeps it rare in 2 Chainz’s “2 Dollar Bill” featuring Expensify

The music video for “2 Dollar Bill” seamlessly integrated the Expensify app into the hottest single on 2 Chainz’s 2019 album, Rap or Go to the League. Director Andreas Nilsson created epically strange visuals to bring the song fully to life.

2 Dollar Bill - 2 Chainz ft. Lil Wayne, E-40

Like a two-dollar bill. I'm rare, I'm rare

— 2 Chainz

“2 Dollar Bill” was the follow-up track to 2 Chainz's “Expensify Th!$,” the world’s first expensable music video, which launched Expensify into the stratosphere during the 2019 Super Bowl and became the #1 song in the US, with 50 million YouTube views. 

2 Chainz often has weird and interesting video treatments…but his latest…definitely takes the cake.


Using the Expensify app, viewers could “expense” a golden skateboard by simply snapping a photo of the receipts and getting reimbursed $10k in actual cash. Just like the app, worked in real life.

This video is sure to go down in the history books
— Def Jam
— Rolling Stone

Raw steak, a ventriloquist, Lil Wayne on an operating table while doctors pull gold bars from his open torso: the video piled on surreal images while artfully including the game-changing technology of Expensify.

"I got game like Donald Goines Start-up companies, cryptocurrency coins" 2 Chainz

Amplified by the star power of Lil Wayne, “2 Dollar Bill” further inserted Expensify into the pop-culture conversation. Together, “Expensify Th!$” and “2 Dollar Bill” racked up over 16 million views on YouTube’s Vevo.

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