Make Your Next Move

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John Malkovich makes his next move from Oscar-nominated actor to acclaimed fashion designer.

For most of Malkovich’s remarkable life, being John Malkovich meant being an extraordinary actor. But he is at a crossroads—and this time, it’s not in a movie.

Make Your Next Move: John's Journey (Film)

John’s Journey is a tongue-in-cheek look at the actor’s struggle to be taken seriously while telling the world he’s going into fashion design.

— Vanity Fair
This was much more than a fleeting celebrity ad campaign.

Squarespace exists to help entrepreneurs put their ideas out into the world. Instead of short-lived product ads, this global campaign provided the platform to launch John Malkovich's real fashion business.

To have a store, to be able to sell directly to people—it’s what I have always wanted.
— John Malkovich, The New York Times
Refreshing in a world of celebrity collaboration.
— Vogue
“Make Your Next Move” (Case Study)

Indeed, Mr. Malkovich himself uses Squarespace to sell his men’s wear. And he isn’t pretending to be a fashion designer.

— The New York Times
The campaign launched over 100,000 new businesses with influencers across all industries.

"Make Your Next Move" told the story of fashion designer John Malkovich and other entrepreneurs across various industries, providing millions with the inspiration and custom Squarespace e-commerce platform to launch their own ventures.

A Super Bowl campaign amplified the partnership on the world’s biggest stage.

Two Super Bowl films promoted to 130 million people, encouraging viewers to pursue their own passions, and to "Get your domain before it's gone."

  • Sold-out Fashion Week collection by John Malkovich
  • 100,000+ new businesses launched on Squarespace
  • Biggest revenue month in Squarespace’s history
  • Most traffic to in 12 years
  • 3.15 billion media impressions
  • Brand Strategy
  • Global Creative Platform
  • Super Bowl Campaign
  • Global Q4 and Q1 Campaign
  • Production: Film, Digital and Print