Canyon Of Heroes

Alicia Keys, Jay-Z and Tristan Eaton give New York’s healthcare heroes the ticker-tape parade they deserve.

Throughout New York’s history, the city has celebrated astronauts, soldiers and other champions of the state with ticker-tape parades, transforming Broadway into a Canyon of Heroes. During the height of the global pandemic, Montefiore Einstein extended the parade to the front doors of every hospital, long before the city could gather together in person.

“Canyon of Heroes” (Case Study)
Located at the epicenter of the world’s COVID-19 outbreak, no hospital was hit harder than Bronx-based Montefiore Einstein.

The healthcare system’s entire staff not only fought for the life of New York City, they did so with limited equipment and the knowledge that they were risking their own lives.

Canyon of Heroes (Film)

Hospitals play ‘songs of hope’ as virus patients go home

– The New York Times
Alicia Keys and Jay-Z’s “Empire State of Mind” became an anthem of victory and an inspirational score.

Every time a COVID-19 patient was released, “Empire State of Mind” played on the Montefiore Einstein PA system. Videos of patients released to the song went viral. After seeing the real-life role their track had at Montefiore Einstein, Alicia Keys and Jay-Z approved its use in a commercial for the first time ever.

...unheard of collaboration…

– Adweek
One of New York’s most revered institutions threw their weight behind Canyon of Heroes.

In an unprecedented gesture of support, New York Times writer and two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Nicholas Kristof provided breathtaking editorial footage captured from within Montefiore Einstein at the height of the outbreak.

Towering tribute: A beautiful mural over midtown… honors healthcare workers.

World-renowned artist Tristan Eaton captured the healthcare workers’ heroism in an epic mural in the heart of New York.

Placed on 8th Avenue, the iconic image became a symbol of humans healing New York. Eaton’s striking collage portrait told a complete story of the city—and created a ticker-tape parade for the heroes it honored, which went viral around the globe.

...a mural honoring healthcare workers…
'Empire State of Mind' makes first ad appearance as an anthem to NYC healthcare heroes
— Adweek
Nurses were invited to become part of Eaton's artwork themselves.

By going to, healthcare workers could upload an image and download their own digital poster. Eaton’s art also became Instagram and Facebook filters that could be shared with others.

Lunga vita alle infermiere (Long live the nurses)

– Elle Italia
Our art became a symbol of the humans healing New York.

The mural served as a place of pilgrimage for healthcare workers. Following our campaign, prominent individuals called for a ticker-tape parade celebrating healthcare workers. Inspired by their work, Alicia Keys wrote a new song in tribute and played a surprise concert honoring Montefiore Einstein’s nurses that aired live on Good Morning America.

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