Freedom Calls

There’s a certain kind of freedom that only comes with age. And a really great phone plan.

For the past 50 years, we have believed that the only thing worse than falling into shark-infested quicksand is turning 55. But the reality is that older people have everything young people want: happiness, financial security, time and freedom. So Consumer Cellular decided it was time to start doing something everyone else in America had stopped: celebrating the endless freedoms of being older.

They may call us snowbirds, but we are phoenixes.

— Brenda Brinka
Freedom Calls: Ryan and Brenda (Film)
Freedom Calls: Issa (Film)
Freedom Calls: Marcus (Film)

Consumer Cellular gets it: Instead of dreading getting older, people should be looking forward to it. We have everything young people want — confidence, friends, time and really good anti-inflammatories.

— Ted Danson
Consumer Cellular wants everyone 55 or older to experience the freedom of getting exactly what you want in a phone plan.

Consumer Cellular is a brand loved by those who use it. It's been ranked number one in customer service 15 times in a row by J.D. Power in the value wireless category. But its unaided awareness for those over 55 years old, their key demographic, ranged from only 5% to 17%. That's far too many adults getting stuck in long-term, bad relationships with their phone providers. In 2023, Alto partnered with Consumer Cellular to change that.

Alto’s first campaign for the brand spotlights an age group…other brands ignore.
— Ad Age
The work stars Ted Danson and is laser-focused on a more authentic, more direct appeal to an age group…
— Adweek
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Dial 888-FREEDOM for the best call of your week.

Consumer Cellular has the best customer service hotline in the category, and there’s nothing they like more than hearing from their customers. Whether it’s a butt dial or a customer in total awe of their deals, Consumer Cellular loves chatting with people. So Alto built a body of call-center-specific work to show the lengths to which Consumer Cellular goes to make every single call they receive great.

Freedom Calls: Amazing (Film)
Freedom Calls: America (Film)
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